About Us

Company Secretary Singapore uses technology to help its clientele revamp and infuse professionalism in their businesses. We have amassed invaluable expertise both technically and in business which allows us aid in comprehensive IT applications of core ERP industry software packages. We also help your business grow by focusing on finance, human relations, CRM, and supply chains.

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Our Mission

Company Secretary Singapore exists to ensure that clients reach their goals and surpass them before the expected period. We merge unrivaled profundity in expertise with world-class service to help your business and all its aspects reach their optimal potential. Above all, our priority is delivering value to our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first professional services firm that comes into whenever our clients or anybody else requires the kind of services we provide. We also aim to gain utmost respect from our vast community of shareholders. As such, we are continually growing by employing developing innovative services.

Our Professional Services and Compliance

We are a full-service accounting company and as the name suggests, are based in Singapore. For an inordinate length of time, we have provided company incorporation, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, business software consulting, corporate secretarial services, taxation and plenty of other accounting services to many clients. Our corporate secretarial services serve both individual parties and business entities.

As such, our institution has received plaudits from our clients and cultivated a reputation for professional excellence thanks to the high quality of our corporate secretarial services. We provide competent solutions for all your professional outsourcing needs to eliminate the hurdles and stress that come with outsourcing from various companies. Company Secretary Singapore creates the perfect atmosphere for progressive cooperation which benefits both our clients and us.

While many other companies are offering some of the services we do, none stresses the importance of quality services like Company Secretary Singapore. We are also members of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants which makes us active participants of their thorough quality control program aimed at ensuring all companies comply with the highest standards of professionalism.

It might be one of the requirements for all members of the institute, but we believe when cultivated as a habit and instilled in our services, professionalism plays a significant role in ensuring a business’ success. As such, we maintain professional education and high corporate secretarial service standards at a high level especially for companies in need of accounting services within Singapore. We believe each client is unique and deserves a different approach.

What sets Company Secretary Singapore apart from its competitors is the commitment, drive, and personal attention that we afford every client seeking our services. We assign a manager to every client who works in tandem with a team of professionals to ensure that you meet your business and financial goals. By putting our client’s accounting services needs ahead, Company Secretary Singapore comes up with the perfect plan and method of execution to ensure that your business reaches its objective.

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